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The Vital Role of PR in Advancing the Biotech Industry: Keeping the Public Informed and Engaged


Biotech Industry

Biotech research is one of the most exciting and rapidly advancing areas in science, with new breakthroughs and discoveries being made every month. In the past month alone, there have been several major developments in the biotech industry that are set to impact healthcare and medicine in the near future significantly.

One of the most significant recent biotech news is the approval of new gene therapy for the treatment of sickle cell disease by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new therapy, known as LentiGlobin, works by using a patient’s own genetically modified stem cells to cure the genetic defect that causes sickle cell disease. This is a major breakthrough in the treatment of this debilitating and life-threatening disease, which affects millions of people worldwide.

Another exciting development in the biotech industry is the use of CRISPR technology to create new medicines. CRISPR is a revolutionary tool that allows scientists to precisely edit the DNA of living cells, making it possible to cure genetic diseases at the cellular level. In the past month, a team of researchers has used CRISPR to develop a new drug for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems. This new drug is a significant step forward in the treatment of this disease and provides hope for those suffering from it.

In addition to these major breakthroughs, there have been many other exciting developments in the biotech industry in the past month. For example, scientists have discovered new methods of synthesizing proteins that could lead to the development of new drugs, while others have made advances in the development of vaccines and other treatments for various diseases.

The importance of having a PR team in the biotech industry cannot be overstated. With so many exciting developments taking place, it is crucial to communicate these breakthroughs to the public in a way that is both accurate and accessible. A good PR team can help disseminate this information to the public and ensure that people know the latest breakthroughs in biotech research.

Promote Achievements

A good PR team can also help to promote the work of biotech companies and researchers, by highlighting their achievements and contributions to the field. This can help to attract investment and funding for future research, which is essential for the continued growth and development of the biotech industry.

Manage Public Perception

Another important role of a PR team in the biotech industry is to help to manage the public perception of biotech research. With so much misinformation and confusion about biotech and its applications, it is important to provide accurate and transparent information to the public, addressing any concerns and fostering a better understanding of the industry. The PR team can also help shape the biotech narrative, highlighting the positive aspects and emphasizing the ethical considerations that guide its development.

Help In The Adoption Of New Treatments

Finally, the PR team plays an essential role in promoting the adoption of new treatments and technologies developed in the biotech industry. By working closely with healthcare providers and advocacy groups, the PR team can help to educate and inform the public about the benefits of new treatments and technologies, ultimately leading to their wider use and improved patient outcomes.

In conclusion, the biotech industry is at the forefront of scientific advancement, and a strong PR team is critical in ensuring that these exciting developments are communicated effectively to the public. From managing public perception to promoting the adoption of new treatments and technologies, the PR team plays a vital role in the continued growth and success of the biotech industry.

Johnny Vigil


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Calling himself a “marketing magician” isn’t just an act for Johnny Vigil. He’s a digital marketing powerhouse, armed with the unique spells of social media mastery, SEO sorcery, and mobile marketing wizardry. But unlike your average spellcaster, Johnny’s true passion lies in helping small businesses conquer the digital realm. He’s not just another consultant pushing cookie-cutter solutions. Johnny approaches each client with a keen eye and a dash of innovation, crafting personalized strategies that are as interesting as they are effective. Whether you need to charm your audience on social media, cast a powerful SEO spell, or conjure up magical mobile marketing conversions, Johnny’s your guy.




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Marcía Schuffman is a strategic planning pro with extensive knowledge in creating and implementing come-to-market strategies. Her strengths include but are not limited to: company packaging for investor review, situational problem-solving, onboard strategy of new hires & customers; viability testing; customer expectation management, engagement & relationship processes, and much more. Her favorite industries to work alongside are Agtech, Medtech, Defense, and veteran-owned and operated startups.





Eric is a Partner and an accomplished professional with a diverse background in public relations, public speaking, and business management. He has a knack for rebuilding businesses in need and has developed a reputation at Kronus Communications for his ability to revitalize strong or struggling organizations and help them reach new levels of success.

With a passion for helping others, Eric has dedicated his time at Kronus Communications to helping clients navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals through effective communication and PR strategies.

Eric’s journey began with work as an account executive at TD Ameritrade, where he carefully observed successful (and unsuccessful) business practices. He utilized that experience, combined with his training at Salt Lake Community College, to hone his skills in communication, crisis management, and strategic planning.  Eric then expanded his expertise into public relations, where he now focuses his energy on rebuilding struggling businesses, using his unique combination of skills in public relations, public speaking, and business management to help companies overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Through his leadership, and in partnership with his colleagues at Kronus Communications, Eric has helped numerous businesses craft compelling brand stories, embrace new technologies, and transform their operations.

Michael Walker




Michael is a B2B growth architect, AI visionary, and revolution builder. He ditches mediocrity, and empowers brands (B2B, tech, SaaS, enterprise) to rewrite narratives, harnessing the future today. Over a decade of Silicon Valley to Wall Street growth, he crafts exit-ready transformations and propels household names. His weapon? Demystifying complexity, fueling teams with actionable steps, mastery in strategy, automation, and paid media. Let him recalibrate your growth.





Micaela is a Partner and the ultimate public relations expert for Kronus Communications. Her innovative approach to PR sets her apart and is the reason that she is perfect for this role. Micaela’s not afraid to take risks, challenge the status quo, and reimagine the boundaries of traditional PR strategies. Her ability to think outside of the box and create unique and memorable campaigns has garnered attention from top-tier executives and industry leaders alike.

But don’t let her edgy approach fool you, Micaela is also a consummate professional. She understands the importance of building strong relationships with clients and has an unwavering dedication to her craft. Her ability to listen and collaborate with clients ensures that their brand messaging is authentic and resonates with their target audience. She has experience in fields like venture capital, medical technology, agriculture, and artificial intelligence. Micaela graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Psychology.

Above all, Micaela is an inspiration to those around her, and has inspired Kronus Communications to new heights by exploring and even developing emerging PR trends. She continues to redefine the definition of success in the communications and PR world.

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Adrienne is the bold and visionary founder and Principal of Kronus Communications, a game-changing communications company that’s shaking up the industry. In this role, she is an accomplished entrepreneur, catalyst partner, and expert in high-performing marketing and communication strategies, delivering services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and C-level executives.

Adrienne has always been a trailblazer, unafraid to take risks and push boundaries. With a deep passion for technology and an unyielding commitment to excellence, she founded Kronus Communications to disrupt the status quo and redefine what’s possible in the world of brand awareness, market perceptions and advanced communication strategies in an increasingly interconnected world.

But Adrienne’s journey to the top hasn’t been easy. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, she has faced her fair share of obstacles and adversity. But Adrienne’s never let that stop her. Instead, she’s used those challenges as fuel to drive her forward, constantly pushing herself and her team to new heights of excellence.

And Adrienne’s impact extends far beyond her work at Kronus Communications. As a thought leader and influencer, she is also the founder and CEO of two B2C e-commerce companies, where her unique insight into her clients’ needs and challenges and her entrepreneurial spirit help build successful businesses from the ground up.

With an MA in Health Education and unparalleled expertise, Adrienne continues to be sought by start-ups, world-changing companies, and think tanks throughout North America.